PoleLaTeaz Atlanta Instructors

There is no one "type" of woman who pole dances. We come from all kinds of different backgrounds. We have instructors that range from classically trained dancers to lifelong athletes. We all come together to offer our students an innovative, sexy workout that works no matter where you've been or what your experience. Want to know more? Take a look below at our instructor interviews and meet the women of PoleLaTeaz!
Favorite Stage Name: Mi Mi LaRue
Favorite Pole Spin;  Twizzler
Favorite Pole Invert: Advanced shooting star/Inside Leg Hang
Favorite Floorwork Move: Snake rolls
Body Part with the Most Benefit from Pole Dancing: Thighs

Favorite Songs to Dance to: Pretty brown eyes-mint condition, anything by evanescense, savin' me - nickleback, glorybox - portis head, queen B- puscifer, dancin til dawn -lenny Kravits, all I need-radiohead, hollywood divorce-outkast, underwater love-sleepy brown and many many more.

What You Love Most About Pole Dancing: What I love most about exotic dance is seeing the evolution of sexy in my students and the confidence that goes along with that. I like the feeling I get inside just knowing what I have personally acomplished and how smokin' hott I look doing it. I am a sexy MoFo!