PoleLaTeaz Atlanta Instructors

There is no one "type" of woman who pole dances. We come from all kinds of different backgrounds. We have instructors that range from classically trained dancers to lifelong athletes. We all come together to offer our students an innovative, sexy workout that works no matter where you've been or what your experience. Want to know more? Take a look below at our instructor interviews and meet the women of PoleLaTeaz!
Favorite Stage Name: Diamond

Favorite Pole Spin: Wow! Well, if I had to choose one I would say the back hook spin.  And I like the sidewinder too!

Favorite Pole Invert (upside down trick): Oooh! Climb invert into a flying eagle is definitely the best!  Its the most challenging physically for me and looks HOT!

Favorite Floor work move: Scorpion is the sexiest.

Favorite Songs for Exotic Dancing: Slow; Baby by Ashanti and Liberian Girl by Michael Jackson, Fast, Independent by Webbie Featuring Lil Boosie and The Boss by Rick Ross Featuring T-Pain

Body Part with the Most Benefit from Pole Dancing: My upper body strength has increased dramatically. Holding my own body weight is something I would dream about. The waist doesn't look half bad either!

What You Love Most About Pole Dancing: I love the sense of accomplishment when you learn a new spin and can execute it perfectly. I also love being able to share with other women the feeling of empowerment and increased confidence you develop through each level.