PoleLaTeaz Houston Instructors

There is no one "type" of woman who pole dances. We come from all kinds of different backgrounds. We have instructors that range from classically trained dancers to lifelong athletes. We all come together to offer our students an innovative, sexy workout that works no matter where you've been or what your experience. Want to know more? Take a look below at our instructor interviews and meet the women of PoleLaTeaz!
Angela left her career in nursing to become one of the motivating factors behind PoleLaTeaz. With dance training in everything from ballet to jazz to praise dancing, Angela brings a traditional dance background to the pole - and the results are amazing! Wanna know more about Angela? Read on.

Favorite Stage Name: Angel or Hotsauce

Favorite Pole Spin: That's hard.... I would have to say the back hook spin

Favorite Pole Invert (upside down trick): That's hard also. I would have to say the "Cobra". It kicks my butt physically, but that is why it rocks!

Favorite Songs for Pole Dancing:
Slow: "Luxurious" by Gwen Stefani & "The City That Never Sleeps" by the Eurythmics / Fast: "Jump Around" House of Pain, "Pass the Courvoisier" Busta Rhymes, "Ready to Go" Republica

Body Part with the Most Benefit from Pole Dancing:
The physical benefits are amazing. I am in the best shape of my life. This is the best way to workout....I have found an exercise program that is addictive!(The best kind of exercise). The part of my body that has toned up the most from pole dancing is my stomach and arms!

What You Love Most About Pole Dancing:
I love being airborne! There is no other feeling like it! I love to see our students faces when they get a spin and the friendships that are formed in our dance courses and fitness classes.